First Intro to Bioinformatics course

A few weeks ago I finished teaching the first Intro to Bioinformatics course at Fred Hutch Cancer Research Center as part of Erick Matsen's »

Setting up BeagleBone Black for development (Clojure in particular)

I just got another BeagleBone Black (BBB) to tinker with as I finish up my pin-ctrl library and wanted to record the steps so it's easier »

A Strange Coop: How Clojure saved my Chickens from the Evil Raccoons

A couple of weeks ago now, I was honored to speak at ClojureWest about a fun project I've been working on. The video is here for »

Presenting semantic-csv: High-level CSV processing for Clojure

I'm happy to announce the release of semantic-csv, a humble little CSV library for higher level CSV parsing features. The semantic niche Existing CSV parsing libraries »

SCons for data science and compbio

When I started working at the Hutch with Erick Matsen, I was introduced to a tool the team used for orchestrating analyses: SCons, a Python based »

How I fell in love with Clojure

When the time came for to move away from our early prototype to a scalable infrastructure capable of city-size conversations, there were some big »